Shopping For Diamond Jewellery – Beware Of Online Retailers

If you are in the market for an engagement ring then you have probably thought about doing a bit of research online, if you haven’t already begun. Finding information about engagement rings online is a great starting point for your search, but purchasing rings through e-commerce websites may be a bit dangerous for several reasons. If you do choose to make your purchase online, be sure that you only do business with a trusted retailer. When shopping online for a diamond engagement ring, keep the following things in mind:

  1. Engagement rings vary in quality, size, and shape. Though you may be looking at a picture of a gorgeous ring, how can you be sure that the ring the dealer sends will be the same one? Diamonds are difficult to judge in pictures, as there is often no anchoring object in the photos to help you determine the size of the stone. Additionally, engagement rings may look shinier and clearer in photographs than in real life due to a flash or other interference. Stores may not intentionally mislead you but be certain that you are working with a trusted retailer when looking at inventories online.
  2. Online diamond retailers rarely ever see the stones they are selling. If you are searching for a diamond engagement ring on the Internet, you will most likely be asked to first choose a setting and then choose an individual diamond to fit the centre of the ring. Many retailers upload the inventories of diamond distributors that they work with and never actually see the diamonds that they sell–meaning that they cannot guarantee that the diamond that you receive will be everything that you expected. However, others only offer stones from the company’s personal inventory, meaning that every diamond engagement ring that is sold, be it online or in stores, has been examined by jewellery specialists and will be exactly what you expect. Additionally, to make things easier on clients, some stores have preselected some of the most beautiful options for each ring that is sold online, allowing you to quickly pick a gorgeous stone at a great value instead of having to sort through hundreds of diamonds that are in inventory.
  3. Upgrade policies may not apply. Some diamond centres offer upgrade policies, meaning that if you ever want to upgrade a stone you can turn it in and simply pay the difference in price between that diamond and the new one. Online retailers, especially those that operate only on the Internet and do not have brick and mortar stores, cannot always offer this option. On the same note, you may sacrifice a great deal in the way of customer service if you opt to shop through an online retailer that does not offer a high standard of care.

Shopping for an engagement ring online can be dangerous if you do not know where to look, but when you work with a trusted retailer you can rest assured that you will receive the same quality, value, and care that you would in the store.