A Fabulous Career In Fashion

There is a lot more to beginning a career in fashion than being adept at making your own fashion clothes or being able to give good fashion advice to your friends. The fashion industry is huge and it is an industry that always has its doors open, as fashions and trends are constantly changing.

A wise start is to obtain a fashion orientated degree. There is a good selection of courses available in most technical colleges or institutes. These courses will broaden your knowledge of fashion and show you a wider spectrum of opportunities in the fashion industry.

Fashion designer is the most popular choice; however, this field is very competitive.  Designing new fashion clothing, accessories and shoes needs skill and dedication. You have to gain knowledge of styles, trends, textiles and colours and learn how to blend this into a successful product. Then fashion merchandising is required. Design and business need to interact in order to get a design on the market.

This opens up other choices for careers in fashion. Sales and marketing is often a lucrative career path where you can learn about brands, trends and marketing techniques. Buying is another; this usually requires some experience on the retail floor to gain knowledge of fashion demand. Advertising is yet another field; all designs have to be well advertised to sell. Some fashion schools offer Fashion Merchandising degrees but retail experience or carefully chosen internships can be good starting points.

Most fashion schools offer Production Management as a degree option. Production managers are responsible for getting textiles and clothes made at the manufacturing level. This involves working with suppliers and retailers to ensure a quality production.

Visual presentation is a profession that is suitable for creative people. Shop windows, fashion parades and showrooms, all require a professional visual presentation. Public relations is another important element in the fashion business, helping to maintain the brand’s public appeal. This type of career is suitable for outgoing, talkative people.

A Fashion journalist is an interesting option. Magazines expanding their online presence and PR firms or e-commerce sites wanting up to date information so there are many opportunities. Good writing is needed so the relevant qualifications should be obtained.