Stylish Venetian Blinds – Aluminium Or Plastic?

No discussion of window decor would be complete without mentioning Venetian blinds. Without a doubt, they are the most popular types of blinds on the planet and with good reason. These blinds have been around for centuries in some form and modern designs are highly resistant to damage, making them perfect for families with children and pets. These blinds can be made of aluminium, plastic or even wood and that contributes to their durability. For the most part, plastic is the most popular material but the others are becoming more fashionable. As a matter of fact, aluminium blinds are steadily growing in popularity. This is because they put a new spin on an old classic, combining the best of these blinds with the simplicity and sleek elegance of metallic.

When dealing with the classic aluminium or plastic Venetian blinds, care is as simple as regular dusting and an occasional soap and water wash. These blinds are notoriously easy to use. Just raise the cord until you have the desired height and rotate the stick until the slats of your blinds match the appropriate angle. Aluminium blinds function roughly the same way, but special care must be taken so that the slats of the blinds are not inadvertently damaged or bent.

Installing Venetian blinds is also fairly simple. To install them, you start by first deciding where the blinds will eventually rest. The next step involves screwing the bracket in place while keeping the swing arm towards you. The last step of installing the blinds is locking the swing arm in place. Unlike other window blinds, these blinds can be used pretty much anywhere in your home. However, there are some places that are particularly popular. Let’s start at the bathroom.

The average bathroom will see a lot of moisture and germ build-up, so fabric blinds are a definite don’t. For the bathroom, most people choose Venetian blinds in either aluminium or plastic. Kitchens, much like bathrooms, are places where a lot of moisture and dirt/grease can gather. For this reason, most customers purchase these blinds as they are both easy to clean and water resistant. These blinds are very simple and straightforward and don’t leave much room in the realm of designs. Nevertheless, because they are so uncomplicated, anyone can own or maintain them.

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