Moving & Packing Tips

There is nothing worse than moving and packing, but it can be made easy with the right plan. Below are moving and packing tips to organize and simplify the process.

Moving and packing tips can be applied to a dorm, apartment or house and will make the experience much less stressful and much more successful.

Moving and packing is one of those situations where discouragement comes easy. Because of this, it is advised to start with an easier part of the house to foster a sense of accomplishment. Pack the bedroom first. Although it may contain more items than any other room in the house, the majority of the items in the bedroom are fairly easy to pack into moving boxes.

How to Pack the Bedroom

Make three piles when packing the bedroom.

  • What to pack
  • What to give away
  • What to throw away

Begin with the bedroom closet. Most of what is in a bedroom closet will either be packed or given away to a charity such as Goodwill. Have a moving box handy as well as a large, sturdy plastic bag. This is a good idea when moving because the give-away clothes go in the bag and the kept clothes go in the box preventing the two categories from accidentally getting mixed up during the move (even if they are labelled).

For some people it is quite difficult to part with clothes. This is no surprise because clothes remind one of certain times in the past, fashions that were once popular and many other things. The truth is that no one should part with items that hold sentimental value, but not every article of clothing is special.

When to Give Clothes to Charity

  • It no longer fits
  • It is faded or completely out of style
  • It has not been worn in over two years

Remove these clothes from the bedroom closet. All these items will do is take up space in the new bedroom closet.

Tip: Look at this purging and packing of the bedroom closet to renew and refresh the spirit and style.

Once this is done, go to the wardrobe and dresser drawers. These areas might have some garments that need to be thrown away. For this, add a simple trash bag in a different colour. If the charity bag is black, the trash bag should be white and vice versa. It is an incredible disservice to needy people if they mistakenly get a bag of what was meant to be trash or if a charity must throw unwearable items away.

What to Throw Away

  • torn garments
  • old panties and bras
  • holey socks
  • panty hose

Labelling Options:

Upon every full moving box, duct tape and label it with a large black marker.

  • Moving boxes labelled by style of clothes: dresses, shirts, pants, bedding
  • Moving boxes labelled by area: closet, wardrobe drawers, dresser drawers, bed

For other items such as jewellery and pictures, keep jewellery in jewellery boxes and place them in moving boxes. Depending on the size of the pictures, wrap small frames in tissue paper and keep large paintings on the wall until they can be removed appropriately by movers.

Repeat these moving and packing tips with all bedrooms in the house or apartment before moving to other rooms. Now the furniture can be easily removed by movers.